So you’ve been engaged a whole month…

So you've been engaged a whole month

So you’ve been engaged a whole month… where did that time go? We speak to a lot of couples at this time of year, who got engaged around Valentine’s Day, or maybe Christmas/ New Year, and are suddenly beginning to think about the task ahead. The first excitement and mass communication is done, so now […]

Wearing my other hat

Today I thought I would share a bit about what I do when I’m wearing my other hat and not working with my lovely event, party and wedding clients. As well as ternevents I am lucky enough to co-own The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, the industry body for wedding planners. My fabulous business partner […]

Why I became a Planner

So you've been engaged a whole month

I sometimes get asked why I became a planner, not having come from an events or wedding background… Once upon a time I was a senior marketing manager, for a company I loved, with amazing colleagues and fabulous bank clients (most of the time). This was truly work I had grown up with and got […]

Choosing your Wedding Planner

So, you’re engaged and excited and starting to think about selecting suppliers: how do you go about choosing your wedding planner? Well initially I suggest you use the search engines and look at the sites of those you are attracted to and whose ‘voice’ and style you like the sound of and make a shortlist. […]

Jersey Venues – Samares Manor and Gardens

Today we continue our review of some the great venues Jersey has to offer, taking a peek at the beautiful Samares Manor and Gardens. Based just up the road from us here at ternevents Samares is a beautiful, understated manor house with the most unique gardens, which were created in the 1920’s and have recently […]

Choosing your wedding suppliers

Are you embarking on planning your big day and and looking at choosing your wedding suppliers? I hope these hints and tips will help you to make great choices…. Research I know, there are so, so many blogs and magazines, where do you even start? Well better that than none. I suggest you choose 3-5 […]

The ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service

Jersey Wedding Planning Service - ternevents

Jersey Wedding Planning Service Having been a wedding and event planner for fourteen years, and probably because I spend a great deal of time with other planner colleagues and members of the wedding industry, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows precisely what we do, so, what exactly is the ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service? […]