The ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service

April 21, 2016

Jersey Wedding Planning Service

Having been a wedding and event planner for fourteen years, and probably because I spend a great deal of time with other planner colleagues and members of the wedding industry, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows precisely what we do, so, what exactly is the ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service?

Jersey Wedding Planning Service - ternevents

We at ternevents specialise in what I describe as ‘Full Planning’. This means we work with you from as early in your planning as you wish: from the moment you are engaged if you like.

Our clients typically have a healthy budget and expect good value for money in all areas.

Free Consultation

If you are based in Jersey, we meet with you and listen carefully to your hopes and dreams for your big day. The free consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours. Our aim is to come away from this meeting with a clear idea of how you wish your wedding to look and feel, your overall style and very importantly the key elements for the two of you. We can meet you at home, in a local hotel, or wherever suits you best.

If you are in the UK or elsewhere around the world, this initial consultation takes place via Skype.

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We then put together a full, bespoke proposal for you the purpose of which is to:

  • Outline the overall wedding design, timings, people you wish to have involved
  • Specify the supplier types you require us to recommend
  • Provide a high level budget showing anticipated costs per area, such as ceremony, flowers, photography etc
  • Make clear our immediate actions once booked: ie the most pressing items for you (perhaps venue recommendations) and of course putting together your timeline or project plan
  • Lay out our fee

We email you this document and ask that you check we are ‘on the same page’ and have understood exactly what you are looking for.

Our fee is what we earn managing your wedding. We will never take any commission or kick back payment from any supplier we recommend.

Once booked

If you do choose to hire ternevents we both sign a contract, which protects you the client and us the planning company, and we request your deposit.

And then the fun begins…

You remain in control

“Project Wedding’ begins with us agreeing which form/s of communication work best for you and who, aside from yourselves, you wish us to work with, perhaps Mums, Dads, bridesmaids, Best Man etc.

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ternevents will do all the research, the legwork, the reading of the fine print and make venue and supplier recommendations. However, you remain in control and you make the decisions about every element.

We will meet with you regularly and are available via phone and email for all your queries.

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We will attend your supplier meetings once you have made your decisions and guide you through each step.

And very importantly, we aim to make the process fun ……. this is your wedding, so pulling everything together to make your perfect day ought to be enjoyable, free from stress and great fun.


During the planning process we create design or mood boards for you to help you make the decorative, colour and overall ‘look and feel’ decisions.

We also love it if you wish to get involved and create Pinterest or similar boards of your own as you see products, linens, tableware etc. you are interested in.

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Supplier Management

Once each supplier is hired, it is our job to keep them updated and manage the relationships.

We will let you know when supplier payments are due and work closely with your suppliers to ensure they know exactly what is going on and what is expected of them.

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Your Wedding Day

In the final month of planning we will produce the schedule for the run up, the day itself and the days afterwards when hired items will be collected, marquees taken down etc.

This we agree with all suppliers so everyone knows what they need to be doing, when, where and how.

ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service 2

Of course we hold your hand right throughout the process, but especially in the final days running up and the day itself, making sure you have all that you need and putting your mind at rest as you know we are dealing with all the little decorative touches and all your suppliers.

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Post Wedding

We will oversee the collection of gifts, hired items etc leaving you to head off on honeymoon in peace.

We always request feedback a few weeks after your big day as we believe it is the best way to improve our service.

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If you are interested in booking a free consultation, or would just like a chat to find out more about the ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service, do contact Sandy on 01534 747959 or .


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