Choosing your Wedding Planner

November 17, 2016

So, you’re engaged and excited and starting to think about selecting suppliers: how do you go about choosing your wedding planner?

Well initially I suggest you use the search engines and look at the sites of those you are attracted to and whose ‘voice’ and style you like the sound of and make a shortlist. Perhaps start following them on social media to get a better feel for who they are.


Get in touch with those you feel might be ‘the one’ and see how you find communicating with them. For example, do they sound professional on the phone and do they respond to your emails promptly and answer your questions? If they don’t before you have booked them, will they once you have?

I suggest you organise a consultation, somewhere which suits you, with two or three potential planners and go to each consultation with a clear idea of what it is you as a couple desire in a planner. For some couples beautiful styling is is the most important element, whereas for others it’s superb organisation and management of logistics.

Choosing your wedding planner

Really importantly, during the consultation do you feel the planner ‘gets’ you and your vision and do you feel you get on? Wedding planning and the run up to your big day can sometimes be a bit up and down for any number of reasons: you need to be sure you are hiring someone you trust and on whom you can depend.

Some couples like to involve parents, siblings and key members of the bridal party. Will this person be able to handle communicating with a number of different parties who may, on occasion, have conflicting views?

Equally importantly, do they enthuse about your plans, building on your ideas and making suggestions? Do they make you feel they’d really love to work with you to bring your day to fruition?

Ask as many questions as you like and expect them to ask lots too: most planners will arrive with a long questionnaire.

Choosing your wedding planner

Make sure you leave the consultation understanding how the planner charges and whether they accept commission from other suppliers or pass the discount on to you, the client.

You will also want to be sure that they have public liability insurance.

Ask when to expect the proposal document and quote. Does it arrive on time? Has everything you discussed been noted?

Once you select your planner, be certain you sign a contract with them, making sure to query anything you don’t understand, as this protects both you and them.

Choosing your wedding planner

Lastly, go with your gut feeling when choosing your wedding planner. Working with them should be fun and make you feel you are getting the wedding you want but passing the work over to a safe, efficient pair of hands.

For more useful information about choosing your wedding planner head over to The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.

Happy planning all!

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