Top Tips for choosing your wedding or party venue

October 5, 2016

We know lots of you are looking at venues currently so we thought we’d give you our top tips for choosing your wedding or party venue.

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You may be finalising where the work Christmas do will be, planning someone’s surprise Birthday bash or looking at wedding venues for next Summer. Whatever your particular event, do consider the following basics before you book…..

Hire charges, timing and numbers

Naturally you will ask how much the facilities/ rooms etc you are considering hiring cost. It’s also, however, worth asking what that covers in terms of hours and, importantly, from what time you are able to access the space to decorate and bring in your suppliers to set up.


Think also about whether you want the venue on an exclusive use basis and, if so, whether there are additional charges for that. Often, in the case of hotels, you will need to guarantee your guests booking a fairly high percentage of bedrooms.

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On the flip side, if exclusivity is not a must for you, it’s worth understanding what else is going on in the venue at the same time and considering whether or not this will unduly affect your do.

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On the numbers front, many clients focus on the maximum number of guests they can invite given the size of the hired space, however bear in mind that many venues also have minimum numbers.

Preferred Supplier Lists

Many venues have a preferred supplier list (PSL). In general, this is a really good thing. There is a reason why they’ve chosen to work with certain DJ’s, florists, photographers etc and, much like a sommelier choosing house wines, they are generally good value for money.



However if you have particular suppliers you wish to bring in, do check the PSL is not a ‘must use’, exhaustive list, but rather an indicator of good local suppliers.


If your aim is to purchase your own drinks, or indeed some of your own drinks, be sure you understand what level of corkage, if any, the venue charges to serve it, as this can make quite a difference to your end budget.


Sound Meters

Some venues have sound meters or limiters. This is a device, set at a specific decibel, which cuts the the music off if the band exceeds that decibel.


Most bands can work with sound meters, provided they know they exist and at what decibel they are set.

So, just a few top tips for choosing your wedding or party venue. If you would like our comprehensive list please request your free copy please email or, for all our tips and news, sign up for our newsletter.

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