Wedding Emergency Kit – Weather

Next in our series about what not to forget for various potential emergencies at your wedding is all about the weather. Well, we Brits can’t avoid it, can we? Here in the Channel Islands we may get the best weather in the British Isles, but when I compare it to some of my wedding planning […]

Wedding Emergency Kit – Feet

As promised, we are continuing our short series of posts giving tips about useful items to include in your emergency kit – today we discuss feet, both yours and those of your guests. We all know that weddings, albeit wonderful, can be taxing on the feet. I make no excuse for the image of two […]

Your Wedding Emergency Kit – part one

If your wedding is fast approaching you are probably furiously scheduling and double checking, but have you put together a wedding emergency kit? Now, we are not suggesting you are going to have any disasters, but unforeseen things can happen when many are gathered and alcohol is flowing! We are great believers in planning (well, […]