Wedding Emergency Kit – Weather

May 10, 2017

Next in our series about what not to forget for various potential emergencies at your wedding is all about the weather. Well, we Brits can’t avoid it, can we?

Here in the Channel Islands we may get the best weather in the British Isles, but when I compare it to some of my wedding planning colleagues across the world, it can sometimes leave a bit to be desired.


So here are a few, very simple, things to be ready for:


We all know how suddenly rain can appear here in the island, but luckily it often stops as quickly as it started.

If it rains a lot before your big day and you and your guests will be walking on grass, I cannot recommend Clean Heels enough to stop ladies’ gorgeous shoes sinking into mud.

clean-heels-blog-3 clean-heels-blog-2

If it does so on the day ensure you have a number of umbrellas on hand, stored somewhere your planner or ushers can easily get to to hand them out to guests. Grab a stock from friends and family or, if you want them all in ivory, white or another uniform colour, you can hire them for a few days at a reasonable price.



Hmm, well you will be a rare Bride and Groom to avoid wind on your big day here, especially in the West.


It’s simply worth giving non-islanders a heads up so they can choose to wear a hat, bring a brolly or simply not choose a complicated up-do which might collapse.

getting married in Jersey


Every bit as, if not more so, uncomfortable as the rain, it’s worth preparing for the sun.

Guests can quickly become overheated and dehydrated so ensuring there are shady areas if you are having an outdoor ceremony or drinks reception, plus providing adequate water and soft drinks is key.

0682_Wedding Sally & Ben_June18th_9459

Be conscious of any suppliers working outside in the heat too, such as wandering magicians or musicians. They too will need hydration and shade.

0677_Wedding Sally & Ben_June18th_9265

Even 10 minutes of unbroken sun for ladies in strappy dresses and for children can mean sunburn. Provide suncreams along with a note for people to check ingredients/ allergies.

Insect repellent is also a good idea, but again ask guests to double check ingredients.

Always check creams etc are well within their use by date.

Emergency Kit for Weather

Wishing you the perfect weather for your big day!


Image Credits: Cat Eye Photography, Max & Ollie at Studio_M, Kate Nielen.

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