Independent Wedding Planners & Venue Coordinators

Independent wedding planners and venue coordinators – what is the difference and why would I need both? I am often asked this question by prospective clients. Sometimes they are led to believe there is no need for a wedding planner if the venue has a good, in house coordinator. So, is this true? Well sometimes […]

Wedding Emergency Kit – Feet

As promised, we are continuing our short series of posts giving tips about useful items to include in your emergency kit – today we discuss feet, both yours and those of your guests. We all know that weddings, albeit wonderful, can be taxing on the feet. I make no excuse for the image of two […]

So you’ve been engaged a whole month…

So you've been engaged a whole month

So you’ve been engaged a whole month… where did that time go? We speak to a lot of couples at this time of year, who got engaged around Valentine’s Day, or maybe Christmas/ New Year, and are suddenly beginning to think about the task ahead. The first excitement and mass communication is done, so now […]

Getting married in Jersey

getting married in Jersey

If you are planning a Channel Islands wedding, but are not based here, we have a great wedding service for those getting married in Jersey. Having been a London and South East planner for many years, and having moved to the island last year, I’ve spoken to a wide variety of venues, suppliers and couples […]

Jersey Wedding Planner – Bridal Photo Shoot

Well, today we realised that we have been a Jersey Wedding Planner in this wonderful island for exactly 6 months, having boarded the Condor Liberation with a packed car and a little trepidation on 31st March. In order to celebrate our semi-anniversary we thought we would share with you a lovely bridal photo shoot we did […]

Who to seat at the top table?

Wedding Seating Arrangements - Tropical DMC

Here at ternevents we spend lots of time guiding and advising our brides and grooms and one of the questions we are frequently asked is who to seat at the top table. Traditionally the top table would always be long, with the bridal party (couple, both sets of parents, chief bridesmaid and Best Man) seated […]

Starting your Wedding Planning

Jersey Wedding Designer - ternevents

Starting your Wedding Planning is exciting but we are conscious it can be stressful and that, for some, the seemingly endless list of decisions can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve put together some easy tips to get you started which we hope will be of help and ensure that you look just as happy as […]

Luxury Wedding Gift List – Blue Ribbon Company

Luxury Wedding Gift List - ternevents

Here at ternevents we have a passion for excellent customer service, a must in wedding planning. We therefore love to discover new businesses who excel at going way beyond the extra mile for their clients. We recently met the wonderful Esther Rulli and Zsofia Jamieson who founded Blue Ribbon Company, a luxury wedding gift list […]