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March 1, 2016

Here at ternevents we have a passion for excellent customer service, a must in wedding planning. We therefore love to discover new businesses who excel at going way beyond the extra mile for their clients. We recently met the wonderful Esther Rulli and Zsofia Jamieson who founded Blue Ribbon Company, a luxury wedding gift list which offers gorgeous homeware gifts from over fifty fabulous brands.

The online company offers its customers a beautifully edited selection of timeless classics and unique, hard-to-find gifts from seventy contemporary designers and legendary brands.

One of the most exciting luxury players in the wedding industry, and featured in multiple blogs and magazines, Blue Ribbon Company is a UK Wedding Industry Awards nominee, recognised for bringing exclusive high end brands to the UK market and shipping them all over the world.

We spoke the to Zsofia and Esther about their business…

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Why do couples choose Blue Ribbon?

We have been in our customers’ shoes, so we understand them and are thrilled for them. It is an important time in their lives and we want to make them feel very special and taken care of. We strive to make the gifting experience as wonderful as the wedding day itself. We understand the lives of modern brides and grooms and we cater to their tastes, to their lifestyles, to how they lead their lives. We make registering for and receiving gifts effortless and fun.

What makes Blue Ribbon unique?

We offer a lot of unique complimentary services, such as free consultations with our stylists for the couple to help them create a list ideally suited to their needs and likes, and advice to guests if they would like some help choosing a perfect gift. We also offer shipping to multiple locations worldwide, free shipping in the UK, and storage of the couple’s gifts until they are ready to receive them.

Free monogramming and engraving come as standard. We adhere to the best and strictest possible practices, so the guests’ contributions are kept in a separate account and that money is only released upon shipping. We quality check every single item before it goes out, and add our signature packaging. We also offer handwritten notes with every gift.

What are the most popular gifts?

The favourites among our couples are porcelain, silverware and crystal glassware. When it comes to porcelain, we see couples typically choosing very understated, classical designs, and we can help them mix and match their china so that their sets can be easily dressed up or down, and can be used for various occasions.

Handmade crystal glass sets are also a very popular gift; again, we are seeing the trend of mixing and matching – perhaps a set of six tumblers of different colours or different cuts.

Luxury Wedding Gift List Glassware

Bed and table linen also feature highly on our wedding gift lists. This is a wonderful gift that can last decades, if linen is of high quality, for example Frette’s linens are exquisite, durable and wash really well. The couples typically choose subtle, chic colours, and perhaps add a luxurious throw to create a welcoming feeling.

Luxury Wedding Gift List Blue Ribbon

Luxury Wedding Gift List - ternevents

What are your top 2016 trend predictions?

Fashion trends are always a great indicator for what is going to happen in homeware, and we will continue to see runway ideas reinterpreted for decor. We will see romantic bedroom pieces with touches of lace and toned down colours. We will see lots of shine and sparkle, and crystal will be key centrepiece on our dining tables. Blue is a strong colour, and we will see different hues dominating home offerings, across porcelain and textile pieces. This trend will be an easy way to bring a quick update to your home. Lastly, after a few understated seasons we expect pops of colour to come back.


Thank you so much Esther and Zsofia.  We have no doubt you will do wonderfully with your luxury wedding gift list and we look forward to working with you.

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