Who to seat at the top table?

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Here at ternevents we spend lots of time guiding and advising our brides and grooms and one of the questions we are frequently asked is who to seat at the top table. Traditionally the top table would always be long, with the bridal party (couple, both sets of parents, chief bridesmaid and Best Man) seated […]

The ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service

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Jersey Wedding Planning Service Having been a wedding and event planner for fourteen years, and probably because I spend a great deal of time with other planner colleagues and members of the wedding industry, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows precisely what we do, so, what exactly is the ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service? […]

Independent Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators – What is the difference?

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Independent wedding planners and venue coordinators – what is the difference and why would I need both? I am often, and I think quite understandably, asked this question by prospective clients. Sometimes they are led to believe there is no need for a wedding planner if the venue has a good, in house coordinator. So, […]