A Glorious Autumnal Wedding in Jersey

The last of my 2018 weddings, Victoria & Sebastian’s day was just wonderful. Having grown up in Jersey Victoria wanted to ‘come home’ to marry in the beautiful St. Brelade’s Church, where both her parents and grandparents had been wed. It was also important to the couple to show off the best of Jersey to […]

You choose what you want for your wedding or party

I love my clients! By the time we have had a chat and met up either via Skype or face to face and we’ve decided we will work well together, I feel we are half way to a fabulous event. Why? Because usually my clients know pretty much exactly what they want and they hire […]

New Wedding Service for those getting married in Jersey

So you've been engaged a whole month

If you are planning a Channel Islands wedding, but are not based here, we have just launched a new wedding service for those getting married in Jersey. Having been a London and South East planner for many years, and having moved to the island four months ago, I’ve spoken to a wide variety of venues, […]

The ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service

Jersey Wedding Planning Service - ternevents

Jersey Wedding Planning Service Having been a wedding and event planner for fourteen years, and probably because I spend a great deal of time with other planner colleagues and members of the wedding industry, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows precisely what we do, so, what exactly is the ternevents Jersey Wedding Planning Service? […]