Your Wedding Timeline

March 7, 2019

Wedding Timeline

Are you planning your own wedding? Have you put your wedding timeline or project plan together?

I don’t mean to make this sound like work. I sincerely hope it will be your favourite project ever. But viewing it as such, with a start date, end date and milestones along the way is helpful and can calm some wedding worries. You’ll know everything is on the timeline and cannot be forgotten.

It can help you manage questions

It will also help you manage those well meaning family members and friends. They want to help, but does it feel overwhelming? Explain that flowers, or whatever concerns them, is on the plan for say April and you’ll look at it then,

What order does it all go in?

First get your overall vision for the day in your minds. You can then start with booking the all important venue and celebrant. Will your ceremony be in a Church or licensed venue? Will you need a Minister, Registrar or other celebrant?

You’ll probably start seeking out the dress early on. Most do! This is a good idea as many have a nine month lead time and you may need time for alterations.

Catering, photography and florist come next in my book. After that stationery and entertainment, cake and transportation. Then you can focus on the smaller details.

All Timelines are different

Every couple and every wedding is different therefore your timeline is too. For example, for a Destination Wedding you will have different considerations such as flights or if you have very limited planning time you will be doing more each week than someone with 18 months to plan.

However, the important thing is that everything is on your timeline, allocated in order, and you know what you anticipate spending where and who is responsible for each element if you have a team working with you.

your wedding timeline

What will you use?

In terms of what you put your timeline together on, this is completely up to you. I have colleagues who use complicated project management systems, others who use Word and still more who have it all mapped out in an online Calendar system.

Personally, as I work on many weddings simultaneously, I am a lover of spreadsheets and have one, with multiple sheets, one of which is the client’s timeline, for each client. There is no right or wrong – just what works for you.

Your Wedding Timeline

Get trained and coached to plan like a pro!

If you are keen to plan your own wedding, how would it feel to have a professional planner there for you, answering all your questions. To be given all the tools, in depth Workbooks, checklists and templates you need to plan like a pro?

My online programme for brides gives you all this, for as long as you wish – and you’ll meet others on the programme successfully pulling it all off with confidence.

Interested, but have questions? Just email I’d love to help!

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