Wedding in Next Three Months – Could do with some help?

June 13, 2015

Have you really enjoyed your wedding planning to date? If so, that is brilliant and you are to be commended, as we know exactly how much time and effort it takes. We hope you are feeling as serene as the bride at the start of this post looks…..

However, if you are now facing the challenge of the last couple of months and your list of outstanding ‘to do’s’ is becoming a tad overwhelming, you might want to consider hiring a professional wedding planner to pull it all together and take away the stress, so you can enjoy the final run up in the knowledge that everything is in hand, your flowers will be perfect, your suite of stationery a breeze and your sanity, most importantly, will be intact.

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Why, having done most ourselves, would we want a wedding planner now?

This varies from couple to couple, but clients of ours have said it was a big relief to have some help and hand over the reins. Others have cited not realising how stressed or wound up they were until they had a bit of help then felt they could actually enjoy the final few weeks. In another case family issues arose which meant handing things over to a professional gave the couple time to concentrate on other things, so it really depends.

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What are the benefits?

Again different couples give us different feedback but the following tend to come up most:

  • Having a professional help find the final suppliers and pulling all suppliers together for the day
  • Ironing out issues you, as a couple, might not even think about such as how long a band needs to set up and sound check (ideally not in front of your guests)
  • Coming up with workarounds you might not have considered, for example for a potentially awkward top table
  • Putting together and then managing all the timings and schedules which never concern just one day
  • Helping the whole family, not just you the couple
  • Managing mutliple diplomacy issues
  • Organising lots of transportation logistics
A testimonial from a partial planning client last year tells us we are doing something right ‘We think you are outstanding; every detail looked after; our wedding was everything we imagined, proper but also fun, conceived for all age groups; formal enough but not stuffy; without any hint of drama …. perfect pitch. We (and everyone) had a great time ….. Love, Moya & Roger’.

So if you are wondering about whether a little help in these final stages might be of value, why not contact us via to have a no obligation chat.

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