Wedding Emergency Kit – Speeches

April 26, 2017

Continuing our short and sweet series about what to take to your wedding in terms of emergency kit, today we are looking at speeches.

Speeches? I hear you ask. Yes, speeches. You would be surprised how many bits of kit I have been grateful to have to hand for clients over the years in this area.


We hear time and again that fear of public speaking is cited more often than  fear of death. Well, this applies to weddings just as much as difficult business presentations or complicated sales pitches.

So here are my top tips:

Cue cards

Many a Best Man or Groom have been grateful for my simple cue cards bullet pointing what to remember and who to toast.


Most have prepared something anyway and, even if they haven’t, nobody listening need be aware of the prompt. Sometimes just having three or four pointers in front of you can really help calm nerves and ensure nobody gets forgotten.

For an idea of what is traditionally covered in each speech, read here.


For some anxious speechmakers having some simple props can be a help.

I’m not talking about using your speech to gain a GCSE  in Drama, but rather having two or three items to ‘hide behind’ (not literally) which form part of what you plan to say.

0833_Wedding Sally & Ben_June18th_9782

This could be as simple as a hat, some large photographs on a screen or to be passed round or anything which supports what you are relating.

Just having something to hang onto can be a great crutch.

Breath freshener

I have had clients become so desperately agitated about speaking that they have been physically unwell.

0127_Wedding Sally & Ben_June18th_8367

I hope this never happens to you, but knowing you have breath freshener, toothpaste or simple mints nearby can help.

Strong Coffee

In cases where speakers are very nervous, I always recommend doing the speeches before dinner so it is done and dusted and everyone can enjoy their meal.

lots of beer

However, some parents in particular can be sticklers for tradition, so if you cannot be sure you won’t knock back one too many over dinner, strong coffee is a must.

Speech makers Emergency Kit

Happy Planning all!


Image credits: Max & Ollie at Studio_M




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