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April 8, 2018

I thought I would reintroduce you to our ternevents Jersey Party Planning Service. I have been a private party planner for sixteen years and love to help clients pull together a fabulous day, or evening, for their guests. Having moved two years ago from Hertfordshire to Jersey I will outline what precisely we do……

Our private party clients typically have a healthy budget and naturally expect really good value for money for all elements of their party, something we pride ourselves on providing.

Free Consultation

We meet with you and listen to exactly what you want to achieve with your party. What is its purpose, ie milestone birthday, anniversary, celebrating a newly landscaped garden or ‘just because’?

Sometimes the party may be a surprise for your husband, wife, partner or child; it may be fancy dress, or themed, or be raising money for a charity.

Our latest here in the island was a fabulously rustic ‘Hoe Down’ 40th bash inside a simple marquee in a potato shed (Jersey Royals beside us in their crates, of course), complete with a great Dolly Parton tribute act, line dancing lessons and a bucking bronco competition.

The more we understand your goals (‘blow your friends’ minds’; ‘bring a huge smile to your husband’s face’; ‘raise £x,000 for your chosen charity’ etc) the better we can serve you in suggesting the best look and feel, catering and wines, entertainment and décor, timings etc.

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Our free consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours and can be at your home, in a local hotel or wherever you wish. If you know where you plan to hold your party, it’s ideal to meet there.

If you are travelling, or not based in Jersey, this initial consultation usually takes place via Skype.


We then put together a full proposal the purpose of which is to:

  • Outline the overall party purpose, design, timings, people you wish to have involved
  • Specify the supplier types you require us to recommend
  • Provide a high level budget showing anticipated costs per area, such as catering, flowers, entertainment, stationery etc
  • Make clear our immediate actions once booked: ie the most urgent elements for you (perhaps venue recommendations or getting invitations designed and sent) and of course pulling together your timeline or project plan
  • Lay out our fee

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We email you this document and ask that you check we are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ and have understood precisely what you are seeking.

Our fee is what we will earn for managing your party: we never take any commission or kick backs from any suppliers.

Once booked

If you do choose to hire ternevents we both sign a contract, which protects both you the client and us the planning company, and we request your deposit.

And then of course we kick off ‘Project Party’….

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You remain in control

This begins with us agreeing which form/s of communication work best for you and who, if anyone aside from yourself, you wish us to work with, perhaps a partner, a group of friends, your chosen charity chairperson or your PA.

ternevents will do all the research, the legwork, the reading of the fine print and make all venue and supplier recommendations, from both on and off island, if this meets your brief. However, you remain in control and you make all the decisions.

We meet with you regularly wherever suits you and are available via phone and email for all your queries. If you are travelling or otherwise engaged, we can have Skype sessions for you to make key decisions and brief us on updates and changes to your plans.

We attend your supplier meetings once they are chosen and advise you on every element such as timings, food and drink quantities etc.

Perhaps most importantly, we aim to make the process fun, just like planning a party should be.


During the planning process we create design or mood boards for you to help you make the decorative, colour and overall ‘look and feel’ decisions.

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Supplier Management

Once each supplier is hired, it is our job to keep them updated and manage the relationship and process.

We will let you know when suppliers’ payments are due and work closely with them to ensure they know exactly what is going on and what is expected of them.

On the big day

In the final weeks of planning we produce the schedule for the set up, the party day itself and the days afterwards when hired items are collected, marquees are derigged, sale or return drinks are taken back etc. If your party is at home and you need to be elsewhere we can of course remain and deal with collections etc.

Jersey Channel Islands Party Planning - ternevents

We agree the scheduling with all suppliers so everybody knows what they need to be doing, when, where and how.

Of course we are there for you throughout the process, but particularly in the last few days running up and the party day itself, making sure you have all that you need, dealing with all the decoration and logistics and communicating with all your suppliers. You are free to welcome friends flying into the island, add final touches to your outfit and generally prepare to welcome your guests.

Post Party

We will oversee the collection of any gifts or hired décor, the return of hired fancy dress or whatever requires doing.

We always request feedback a couple of weeks after your party as we believe it is the best way to improve our service.

If you are interested in booking a free consultation, or would just like a chat about our ternevents Jersey Channel Island Party Planning Service, do contact Sandy on 01534 747959 or email .

Photo credits: Mark Wallis Photography, Zoe C. Photography   Kate Nielen.



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