Managing Your Reception Line

July 9, 2015

Over the last twelve years of planning weddings, trends and likes/ dislikes have changed a fair bit amongst my clients and one thing which I’ve seen a big move in is the reception line.


A Long Line

 When I got married (first time around) I had the classic eight person (traditional top table) line up. It was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. Now, this was partly because ‘back in the day’ the ‘norm’ was for your parents to invite the majority of guests and for the couple to have maybe a tableful each. Consider the embarrassment of various vaguely familiar looking people, dressed up to the nines so you’re not quite sure they’re who you think they are anyway, looming towards you, whilst you try desperately to remember names so you can introduce your new husband.

Nightmare – so much so I remember it now!

This aside, particularly as, thank goodness, these days most guests are those chosen by you the couple, having a long reception line can still be an issue.

Also, many choose a much shorter reception line.

Managing your reception line - ternevents

One option for a shorter line, especially if bridesmaids are all family members

 In my experience, getting one person through the line takes 40 seconds (honest). So, imagine a 200 guest wedding – no don’t actually.

I jest, to some degree, as some people still love the full line. So, if you do, I would suggest receiving your guests as they arrive at your reception, rather than as they move in to dine. This way, their first cocktail is the other end of the line … funnily enough, this makes for swifter movement.

Otherwise, if you are keen to ‘receive’ people, why not have just the two of you welcoming people as they head into dinner? That way you know you have greeted everyone and can relax over your meal.

The other option of course is to ensure you circulate during the meal and say hello to each table of guests.

Whatever you choose, we hope you don’t leave as I (Sandy) did worrying yourself sick about having forgotten someone’s name or missed someone out.

Happy planning all x

Photo Credits:      Adam Hollier Photography & Cat Eye Photography



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