It’s the little things which make the difference at your event

April 5, 2016

Ever come away from a party, corporate event, wedding or other ‘do’ with a really good feeling, but you’re not entirely sure why? You’ll probably find it was the little things which made the difference which leave you with that warm feeling.

Clearly, depending upon the type of event, the most appropriate ‘tiny touches’ or ‘little things’  vary, but here are a few which we have been thanked for over the years at various events.

Somewhere to sit down

Goodness, events can be exhausting, and not just for the organisers!

The little things - sofa space at a wedding

Guests or delegates may have travelled a long way, not be feeling 100% well, have backache or, let’s face it ladies, have kidded themselves about how well they have worked in their new shoes.

The little things - chill out area at a wedding

Having a easy chair, sofa or frankly just a garden bench, to park oneself on is a lifesaver.

A constant supply of tea and coffee

We all know that most events involve a lot of alcohol, however for some people, and not only those who choose not to drink alcohol, the ability to get a cup of tea or coffee throughout can be really important.

At a wedding I will always ask the caterers to have a supply on hand and I am frequently asked by tired family members, elderly guests and anyone in need of a pick me up, where to find one.

Occupy the children

If your event involves children, it’s not fair to expect them to listen to presentations, or speeches etc. Embrace the fact that they are with you and give them something to do. As an event planner I often enlist the aid of older children to run simple errands: they love to be involved. You don’t need to spend a fortune, just a craft table full of ‘stuff to do’ works well.

The Little Things - keep the kids occupied

The Little Things - craft table for the kids

An itinerary or event outline

We humans tend to want to tow the line when we attend an event. Yes, there is always the odd person who doesn’t care much for etiquette or expected behaviour, but in the main we want to do the right thing.

However, if we don’t know what to expect and when, we can become irritable, hungry, thirsty and in need of various facilities.

So, giving guests a simple outline of timings for your party, corporate do, wedding etc makes all the difference.

The Little Things - itinerary for the wedding day

If I know dinner is planned for 8pm I won’t be rushing to the bar to buy crisps at 7:30, but if I don’t know, and I’m ravenous, I might miss the photos, a big arrival or reveal, or some special entertainment.

It’s simple, and another of the little things, but the more people know in advance, the less they will worry or disappear at an inadvertent moment on the day.


Unless your event is in a big city full of cabs at all times of day and night, communicate transport arrangements or options in advance.

Jersey Channel Islands Wedding Coordinator - ternevents

This needn’t cost you: you don’t have to pay for it, but if you don’t let people know what is available locally you tend to land yourself with stranded, possibly somewhat inebriated, guests at the end of a long day or evening. If you do decide to put transport on, such as buses etc, ensure you ask guests to tell you they plan to use it or you can waste money.

A simple, laminated list of cab numbers (if they are available at short notice locally) on the bar is a big help, as is including information and contact details on your guests’ invitations.


Happy event planning all.

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