I can’t cope with people telling me what to do for my wedding

February 15, 2019

Does this sound familiar?

Can’t cope?

If you are a bride I’m afraid you are not alone.

can't cope

Brides’ Fears

The 6 top fears and concerns I hear from brides embarking on their wedding planning are:

  • I can’t cope with people telling me what to do for my wedding
  • I feel like we’re doing things for other people, not ourselves
  • I’m afraid I’ll forget something
  • I don’t know how to budget
  • Which order should we do things in?
  • Everything seems so expensive

Keep calm and reframe

Let’s take the first of these.

Usually – not perhaps always, but usually – people are simply trying to help. Their advice comes from a place of love and a genuine desire to help.

However, it can feel like endless unsolicited advice, which none of us likes.

One way in which you can approach the seemingly constant flow of tips and suggestions is to reframe how you receive them.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if you’re thinking ‘Why won’t they just stop bombarding me with advice I don’t want?’, why not take a break and reframe it in your mind.

You might approach it with something like ‘I’m grateful for the advice from those who’ve done this before but I’m not ready for it right now. I’ll shelve the ideas and take my time’.

Simple approaches like this can be calming.

You might even choose to say something similar to people – let them know you are grateful, but that you are taking things a step at a time and are just not ready right now.

Get some help

After 16 years of planning my lovely clients’ weddings, and 12 training and coaching wedding planners and other wedding suppliers in my role at the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, I think I have probably heard it all.

Can’t hire a wedding planner or coach 121?

I still work with brides on a 121 basis, but over that 16 years I have spoken to many brides who simply cannot afford to hire a professional wedding planner and many who are keen to plan their own wedding, but want a bit of guidance.

Planning a wedding can be really daunting and, albeit you’re probably finding every second family member and friend has their ideas of what you ‘should’ do, sometimes it’s hard to know who to listen to.

There is another way…

For this reason, and in order to help far more brides than I am able to one to one, I developed ‘The Emboldened Bride’ online coaching and training programme and am getting wonderful feedback from those who’ve enrolled and begun it.

The programme helps you solve your fears and dilemmas and provides you not only with my planning experience and expertise, but also with free bonus sessions with some of my industry expert colleagues sharing their wisdom and answering your questions.

An affordable way to work with a planner

It’s like having your own wedding planner and a team of experts helping you for as long as you want them to. Why not give yourself the chance to feel as carefree as these two did on their wedding day?

  • Learn coping mechanisms to help you handle objections and manage expectations: strategies you can apply to many parts of life as well as your wedding planning
  • Learn and apply simple strategies to ensure you have the wedding you two want, not the one others think is right for you
  • Enjoy finding out where to start and all you need to do, rather than worrying about it
  • Work with an expert to put together your budget and allocate amounts to each element: discover it can actually be fun!
  • Fill in your attractive Workbook for each Module, along with your budget, timeline and many other templates and discover you’re resolving issues and making progress without stress and without realising it
  • Find simple ways to save money and work out what’s really important to you and what, quite frankly, isn’t
  • Join likeminded brides in weekly online live training and coaching and a dedicated programme Facebook Group

There are lots of great apps, lists and articles available to brides of course, which is fantastic, but having a wedding planner, other experts and a group of brides going through the same issues together is quite different.

Join us!

If you’d like to join other brides on the Programme I am taking registrations at a highly discounted rate until the end of April 2019 only, when the programme relaunches at a higher rate. Click to see.

Please don’t miss out. I would love to have you on board and help you plan and design your perfect day stress free!

Image credits: Dasa Wharton


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