Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

April 13, 2015

Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in interest amongst couples wanting more flexibility in their wedding ceremony. We often suggest Humanist wedding ceremonies, especially if a couple wishes to marry outdoors, however many are confused about what is, and isn’t, possible. We asked Humanist wedding celebrant Liz Harwood to explain….

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Many people aren’t sure what a Humanist wedding is and so hopefully in this blog, I will answer the main questions you might have.

A Humanist wedding is a bespoke wedding ceremony, written to your exact requirements and wishes. It can include anything that will make it special and meaningful to you, but usually it would include information and anecdotes about you as a couple, as well as the more traditional elements of a wedding ceremony.

We encourage and help you to write your own vows, you can exchange rings, include readings and music as desired, and you can sign a certificate if you wish. You can also personalise it with one or more symbolic act such as candle lighting and sand mixing. I have found the most popular symbolic act to be hand fasting, where the hand of the bride and groom are wrapped in ribbons and a knot is tied – the origin of the phrase to tie the knot!

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Each ceremony is written uniquely for you, and you have the opportunity to read and amend it before the big day as you wish. The majority of Humanist weddings are conducted by wedding celebrants who are fully trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association. We work together as a team which enables us to share ideas and experiences, as well as cover for each other in case of illness or delays. It is important to check that the celebrant you hire is accredited by the BHA before you hire them. There is a ‘search for a celebrant’ option on the Humanist Ceremonies website, where you can view each celebrant’s profile and select the person you think will be best suited to your wedding.

Many of us offer a no-obligation meeting to get to know us and ask any questions before you book. There are also some independent celebrants who offer a similar service but work alone. One of the wonderful things about Humanist weddings is that you can get married anywhere you like! You can choose a location or venue that is meaningful to you and you don’t need to find a licensed venue. It could be a beach, farm, garden, your own home, or a more traditional venue such as a hotel, country house or pub.

Humanist Wedding Cermonies - ternevents
Marrying outdoors or wherever has meaning for you

Last summer, I conducted ceremonies anywhere from under a tree in a field to in the chapel at Balliol College, at Oxford University. At the moment Humanist weddings are not legally recognised so you would still need to register your marriage with the local registry office. Many couples opt to have a legal ceremony the day before their Humanist wedding, but they consider their Humanist ceremony to be their ‘real’ wedding, when all their friends and family gather to watch them promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

Humanist weddings are proving extremely popular in Scotland, where they are legally recognised, and we think it will only be a matter of time before the marriage laws in England catch up. Humanists believe that we can be good people without believing in God. We think for ourselves about what is right and wrong, based on reason and respect for others and we look to science instead of religion as the best way to understand the world in which we live.

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Married on the farm

Humanist ceremonies allow us to celebrate and give significance to the important moments in our lives, as our celebrants conduct weddings, baby naming ceremonies and funerals. You do not need to class yourself as a Humanist to have a Humanist wedding; you might simply want to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility which Humanist weddings can offer you.

People choose a Humanist wedding for a variety of reasons, and sometimes wish to include a mixture of cultural influences which reflect the background of those involved. Religion doesn’t usually play any part in a Humanist ceremony, but it might be included if it is a cultural reflection of the people involved rather than an act of worship. More common is the inclusion of a period of silent reflection, where each guest can consider their wishes for the bride and groom, and those who do have religious beliefs can say a silent prayer.

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Outdoor ceremony

Personally, I absolutely love my work as a Humanist wedding celebrant, I enjoy meeting new people and I feel very privileged to play a part in a couple’s special day.

Are you interested in Humanist Wedding Ceremonies? Get in touch to discuss your wedding today!

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