Do you host a lot of celebrations in Jersey?

May 18, 2016

Do you host a lot of celebrations in Jersey?

If you are responsible for planning multiple dinners, birthday bashes, anniversary dos, pool parties etc you might be interested in our annual celebration service…

Some clients prefer to hire us for our party planning service on a one off basis, which is of course fine. However, for those clients juggling busy lives, families and sometimes a lot of travel, having to pull together a variety of perfect parties at the same time can be a big ask.

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How does it work?

For clients interested in this service we are well aware there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer.

So, in a free consultation of around an hour and a half, we sit together with you and explore the likely number, size and type of celebration you expect to host over a specific period. This is usually 12 months, but can be tailored to your needs.

We then write you a proposal, based on your anticipated requirements, and propose a monthly retainer fee. This fee is entirely bespoke to you.

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Why is this preferable to paying separately for each event?

We guarantee that our annual celebration service will always work out at a considerably lower rate per event than it would if you book us separately each time.


Well firstly it makes sense for us as a business to be able to plan further ahead, but it also works well for you, the client…

We get to know you, and often your family and close friends, really well the more we work with you. We learn about your tastes, your style and over time your overall approach and way of living and celebrating.

We know there are likely to be times when you need us to be working on your behalf when you cannot be here, due to work, family, holiday plans etc and this becomes simpler the more we know you.

Fundamentally we become ‘staff’ and over time can happily work closely with your housekeeper, gardener, business, children, PA or anyone else you wish us to.

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We love working with clients on an ongoing basis as it means we can plan longer term, always thinking ahead to the next couple of events. We can anticipate when, for example, it’s important totally to change a design given a similar guest list, or conversely build on the theme of the last event giving an element of continuity.

We get to know when the birthdays and anniversaries are and can work with you to ensure nothing gets forgotten or is left too late to order the very best of props, linens, furniture etc.

Importantly, should there be a family wedding to plan, we tie this into our monthly retainer, so there is no additional wedding planning fee: a big saving and, we hope, a relief, as you will already know us, and we you and your family.

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If you are interested in a chatting to us why not book a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.

Contact Sandy on 01534 747959 or via


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