Forgetting something

March 25, 2019

Are you worried about forgetting something?

Many brides who can’t, or don’t want to, hire a wedding planner worry about this.

I recently surveyed a large number of brides to be to establish what their biggest concern is when it comes to planning their weddings.

Of the 221 who responded, a huge 99, or 45%, said forgetting something.

Forgetting something

It’s not surprising

This doesn’t surprise me at all as ‘project wedding’ is new to brides to be.

Unlike a wedding planner, who does this all the time, suddenly you’re tasked with an enormous project.

A project which everyone seems to expect you to handle, sometimes single-handedly.

Many brides tell me that soon after the euphoria of becoming engaged the panic sets in.

‘Stop asking me questions!’

I hear, quite literally, within a week of the engagement, that brides are asked things like:

  • where are you getting married?
  • how many bridesmaids are you having?
  • when’s the hen do?
  • can I bring my new girlfriend (err, you’re sure you’re invited then?!)

Take it slowly

Most importantly my advice is to take it slowly – this way you have a chance to enjoy it.

Unless for some reason you plan to marry very quickly, take a breath, a walk on the beach, a day off work to consider….whatever will calm you.

Tell those bombarding you with questions that you are enjoying the moment and taking some time to think about what you both really want.

Start with your vision

Start by working out your big vision for your day – what is it the two of you want?

Because that’s what really matters, right?

Big, fairytale wedding with 12 bridesmaids and flower girls?

Intimate, elegant affair with beautiful table settings and Christmas candlelight?

Festival fun and food stations in a meadow?

Meadow wedding

Put together a plan

Keeping your big vision in mind, brainstorm all the elements you need for the day and pop them in a Timeline or Project Plan.

I like to work with spreadsheets, but you may prefer a long list, some project management software or even a roomful of post-it notes!

Use something which suits you and your way of working.

Order of importance

Think logically about the order in which things need doing, booking or buying.

Start with the legalities, booking your celebrant and setting your budget.

Move into finding your venue – the backdrop for the whole day.

Once this is done you can start booking key suppliers such as catering and photographer, then entertainment and stationer, cake, transportation, hair and make up.

And don’t forget the dress! Many start with this of course, but do remember many dresses need to be ordered around 9 months in advance.

Allocate tasks monthly

Work out what you will do each month.

Tick things off your list as you get them done – this alone can give you some relief and a sense of satisfaction.

Share with your team

Let those you trust and who will help you plan check your Timeline and make suggestions. Especially if they have recently planned a wedding.

your wedding team

Ask your suppliers

As you start meeting with, and booking, suppliers, ask them for their input.

As wedding industry suppliers we are here to help you.

You can ask us if we think you’ve forgotten something or missed out a part of your day.

Sign up for help

If you are struggling, I have a couple of free options for you right now, either or both of which can help you get guidance and gain structure…..


I’ll make sure nothing gets forgotten.


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