Choosing a Wedding Photographer

June 21, 2013

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Today we introduce you to Adam Hollier, a wedding photographer who has over 20 years of experience shooting weddings, portraits and events, who shares his advice about choosing your wedding photographer. Over to you Adam…..


It’s your big day and you’ve probably been dreaming of it since you were a child and are now in the exciting stages of planning.

So, it would be a shame to let it go unrecorded by a professional …. you can guarantee that at some time in the future your children will want to see how you looked on your wedding day. It could be a disappointment if all you had were some poor quality pictures taken by ‘Uncle Jim who we thought was pretty good with a camera’. What happens if you are not happy with Uncle Jim’s images or worse – perhaps your Uncle forgot spare batteries on the day. There are no second chances with wedding photography.

A friend who runs a camera shop tells me he regularly gets couples coming in with CDs of poor images asking if anything can be done as a guest has their eyes closed in every shot or the photos are just too dark.

So, it’s worth doing it properly. More than likely it is the only time you’ll hire a professional photographer, so where do you start?

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My advice is to visit some wedding fayres and have a good look through some portfolios to see if there is a particular style you like. Most photographers have their own style: some are formal and some specialise in reportage or photojournalism.

How Much?

A trip to a few wedding fayres will give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay. Prices will vary depending upon whether you want coverage for the whole day, from preparations to the end of the reception, so have a think about what is important to you.

For some it is about capturing the sense of occasion, whereas for others it’s the service and a handful of formal images.

Bear in mind that you will be excited, nervous and possibly a bit flustered and may not want images at this point. You may also not want photographs at the very end of the evening when guests are perhaps not looking their best.

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It’s Personal

It is really key to have a good rapport with your photographer. They will be with you at all the key moments during your big day so they need to be friendly, approachable, creative and good fun.

Photographers know how important this is and some will offer a reduced rate or even a free engagement, or pre wedding, shoot before your wedding day so you can get used to each other and to posing and having your picture taken.

Meet with a few photographers and find the one or two you really get on with.

Disc or Album?

Finally you will need to consider how you want the images presented: on a disc, in a wedding album or a selection of prints.

The pros and cons of albums?

  • With an album you pick the best images and the photographer does the rest. Although it will cost you, it will be professionally done and something to show friends and family.
  • If you want a CD there is normally a substantial charge for the images on the disc as the idea is you will then create your own album with the photographer’s photos. If you opt for this ensure you get a License to Print from your photographer to avoid being challenged over copyright.

Me? When I married, given my occupation, I was all for the CD, but was dissuaded by my wife that I’d never get around to creating the album. She was probably right. You will know how likely you are to get around to it.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer - ternevents

So, in brief….

  • Hire a professional and allow Uncle Jim to relax and be a guest
  • Find a style you like
  • Pick a photographer you’ll get on with
  • Decide how much coverage you really want
  • Have an amazing wedding with a lifetime of great images from the day!

Photo Credits: Adam Hollier

Are you indecisive when it comes to Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Get it touch to discuss it today.

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