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February 2, 2015

 Jersey Wedding Caterer

We asked one of our preferred caterers, Greens Catering, to give our readers some hints and tips about what to ask when searching for the perfect wedding caterer. We hope you find this useful. Over to you guys……

Selecting your Wedding Caterer – A decision not to be taken lightly.

At the heart of any great event, is great food! Aside from your venue, your dress and of course your partner it is one of the main decisions that you will need to make, yet often its importance is overlooked.

The quality of caterers can vary dramatically and picking the correct caterer for your wedding day can make the difference between whether your guests are raving about the food for years to come or talking behind your back about the cold food and grumpy staff!

wedding caterer.jpg
Food by Greens

So, where do you go from here? We, at Greens Catering, have put together a little list of things for you to think about when selecting your wedding caterer.

1. What style of food do you want? If you want a 5* silver service, a cheap buffet lunch provider will not be up to the job.

2. Can they offer a food tasting? Any good caterer will be happy to provide this and show off their food to seal the deal.

3. Can they be flexible and adapt things to suit your tastes or theme?

4. Can they cater for allergies? (The arrival of an ambulance crew is not how you want your wedding to be remembered!)

5. How will the food be presented and what kind of crockery and glassware do they use? (No matter how much you spend on your table centres standard bargain bucket glassware and crockery could ruin that vintage look you are aiming for!)

6. What is included in the cost? Are there any hidden extras?

wedding caterer.jpg
Canapes by Greens

7. Can they advise you on how to run the timings on the day? Guests are known to get a little carried away at weddings, so ensuring their stomachs are full can help to keep a respectable tone for that bit longer.

8. Will they help you, or your wedding planner, to run the event on the day?

9. Can they provide furniture and additional extras such as cake stands and a knife for cutting the cake, if required?

10. What type and style of service can they provide and works well for your event? 3 course sit down dinner, buffet, food stalls?

11. If you are struggling for inspiration, and you don’t have a wedding planner, can they help you with the dressing and theming of the tables?

12. Will they serve your own drinks and if so do they charge corkage?

wedding caterer.jpg
Desserts by Greens

13. Do they have a licence to serve alcohol?

14. Do they have a hygiene rating for their kitchens, if so what is it? (and if not, why not!)

15. Have a look at the previous events that they have catered and ask whether they can provide references?

16. Do you like dealing with them and do you get on with them… you will be working closely together for some time.

Jersey wedding caterer - ternevents
Yumminess by Greens

17. And finally, remember, you get what you pay for!


Thank you so much to all at Greens for sharing your wisdom.

Are you battling to find the perfect Jersey Wedding Caterer? Get in touch to discuss what youare looking for.


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