Just the two of us…

Back in July 2017 I was privileged to plan and orchestrate the wonderful wedding of Petra and Tommi. This fabulous couple lives in Wiesbaden, Germany and had visited Jersey the previous year and fallen in love with it (well, of course they’re not alone in that). Petra contacted me a few months beforehand and explained […]

Wedding Industry Entrepreneurs – Keen to up your game?

Good morning! As many of you know, when I am wearing my ‘other hat’ I’m co-owner/ director of The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners. In that capacity, I spend a lot of my time coaching, mentoring and training other entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. I therefore want to share with you a new, online, 6-month […]

Newly Engaged and planning a Jersey Wedding?

Did you become engaged over the holidays? If so, huge congrats! I hope you have real fun with planning your wedding in Jersey. What an exciting time you have ahead. So, now that you’ve descended from the ceiling, told all your family, wowed your mates, showed off the ring (oh please – I’m sure you […]

Independent Wedding Planners & Venue Coordinators

Independent wedding planners and venue coordinators – what is the difference and why would I need both? I am often asked this question by prospective clients. Sometimes they are led to believe there is no need for a wedding planner if the venue has a good, in house coordinator. So, is this true? Well sometimes […]

Discover your Fragrance Journey and find your way home…

‘Design your Fragrance Journey and find your way home’ is one of the strap lines of the wonderful Design In Scent created by Gemma Hopkins which we blogged about when Gemma launched back in 2015. I am a great believer in how scents can transport an experience and take you back to a special day (or […]

Wedding Emergency Kit – Weather

Next in our series about what not to forget for various potential emergencies at your wedding is all about the weather. Well, we Brits can’t avoid it, can we? Here in the Channel Islands we may get the best weather in the British Isles, but when I compare it to some of my wedding planning […]

Ballet photographer extraodinaire adds Wedding string to her bow

Today we begin a series of introductions to some of the fabulous wedding suppliers Jersey has to offer. We have such an eclectic mix and wide range of talent for such a small island so, as someone privileged enough to work with lots of different people, I thought I would start introducing them to my […]

Wedding Emergency Kit – Speeches

Continuing our short and sweet series about what to take to your wedding in terms of emergency kit, today we are looking at speeches. Speeches? I hear you ask. Yes, speeches. You would be surprised how many bits of kit I have been grateful to have to hand for clients over the years in this […]

Wedding Emergency Kit – Feet

As promised, we are continuing our short series of posts giving tips about useful items to include in your emergency kit – today we discuss feet, both yours and those of your guests. We all know that weddings, albeit wonderful, can be taxing on the feet. I make no excuse for the image of two […]