Feedback is foremost

Event Planner Jersey

Gathering feedback from corporate events and taking steps based on what delegates say is crucial for continuous improvement and for maximising the value of future conferences, training sessions or whatever it is we’re working on. Firstly, feedback provides invaluable insights into attendees’ experiences, allowing us as organisers to gauge satisfaction levels, identify strengths and pinpoint […]

Increase attendance at your next Conference

It can sometimes be difficult to drum up, then retain, interest when it comes to running conferences, especially since so many of us have become used to attending business events online rather than having to get dressed, get out and head to a physical event again. Here are a few ideas to help you encourage, […]

Experienced Event Management in Jersey

If you are looking for experienced event management in Jersey you need look no further. Our job is to make you look good. That, quite simply, is how we view things here. We know how a fabulous, engaging, well run event can greatly enhance your profile and meet your organisational goals. As event planners, we […]

The number one thing I’m asked about planning weddings

The number one thing I’m asked about planning weddings is probably not what you think it is. It’s not ‘don’t you wish you were planning your own again’, nor is it anything to do with ‘the pretty’. What people actually ask me most often is ‘Isn’t it terribly stressful?’ Well, of course it would be […]

Who’s making a speech at your wedding?

I’m often asked by clients whether it’s OK to mess with, or change up, the traditional line up for wedding speeches. Well as far as I am concerned, absolutely if that is what you want. Let’s look at that… Traditionally there are three wedding speeches, delivered in a specific order, covering certain core subjects. Father […]

Choosing Wedding Suppliers

Choosing wedding suppliers who really understand your Vision is key. You want to work with people who will be excited by your ideas and help you build on them. Not those who’ll run steamrollers over your dreams and tell you what ‘their norm’ is. How far have you got to date with choosing and hiring […]

Choosing your wedding venue

Your wedding venue is the backdrop to your day. Choosing your venue will help you with every other element going forward. Before you start researching check in with your original vision, ideas, Pinterest board, thoughts and feelings as your venue really forms the foundation of everything else you will choose in terms of décor, accessories, […]

Choosing Your Wedding Team

choosing your wedding team

By ‘Choosing Your Wedding Team’ I don’t mean the professionals you will hire, but rather those members of your family and friends whom you trust to help you pull the wedding together. Know your Friends and Family It is likely you will get lots of offers of help. However, you will know who can be […]

Putting together your Wedding Budget

Putting together your wedding budget

The whole idea of putting together your Wedding Budget can sound daunting, but it’s very important and, if approached in the right mindset, can even be fun (honest!). Establishing and Agreeing your Budget When setting your overall Budget, make sure you have included any contributions which might be made by family members or others. Don’t […]